The Common Good

Table of Contents

Cover Story

The Internet has rekindled the zeal and magnified the power of hate groups. What can we do to fight back?
Resistance Records recruits soldiers for 'racial holy war.'


Faith-based health ministries provide medicine...and hope.
Perhaps the strongest effort toward health care reform is the Universal Health Care Action Network and its current U2K Campaign, "Universal Health Care in the Year 2000."
21st Century global marketers are more seductive than ever before. And they want your kids.
Some thoughts on sowing the mustard seed.
We planned to do great things. God had other plans.


For activists dedicated to transforming the role that money plays in our politics, these are the best of times and the worst of times.
It's time for a new ethic---justice without vengeance.
Military role in Kosovo 'ineffective and unethical.'
Why we should apologize for slavery.
The infectious spirit of Tito Puente
Organizing around common values


Overtaking poverty will take all of our best values and insights.

My former college, one of the nation’s top-ranked schools, is considering banishing a highly respected national Christian group from campus for discriminatory practices.

A legacy of service: Krista Hunt Ausland

Culture Watch

Affrilachian Poets claim the space between two worlds.
I heard it in passing on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered one afternoon; it was a blurb for an upcoming story.
A training manual in nonviolent revolution.
Bill Moyers on dying in America.
The big hearts of small friends.
Ian Frazier's On the Rez
Seeing the gospel in new ways.
Reflections on Cuba's past---and future.


Michigan city turns dialogue into action.
In these boom times, the wealth gap is getting worse.
Resources for study and action.
Bringing people together.
The Internet has made hate groups highly visible, completely anonymous, and available to a potentially limitless audience.