The Common Good
January-February 2000

Fed by My Prayer

by Maria (a retired school principal in Detroi) | January-February 2000

I do not view myself as a contemplative. I’d say that I am a "seeker" of God. This seeking has been a lifelong process.

I do not view myself as a contemplative. I’d say that I am a "seeker" of God. This seeking has been a lifelong process. As far back as I can remember, I have been drawn to that which is good, holy, and sacred.

It has been the consistent nourishment of my mind and soul that has given balance to my life. Spiritual books have been a blessing. The scriptures have revealed God more clearly. Mentors have been a special help and affirmed my growth. Daily journaling has helped me maintain my focus.

I can see signs of change and growth in my spiritual life. Prayer is freer now. Learning to just be and listen has been a real challenge, but I am convinced that I must persevere because the desire for union with God is a deep part of me. My prayer has led me to very enriching and nourishing volunteer work. My work is fed by my prayer, and the people and activities of my work enhance my prayer. Each acts like yeast for the other—energizing, raising up, and nourishing it. In all I am and do, I continue to seek God. My heart, at times, literally burns with that desire. --Maria (a retired school principal in Detroit)

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