The Common Good
May-June 1999

The Beam in Our Own Eye

by Carole Grappo | May-June 1999

I JUST READ online Robert Jewett’s article "The Abandonment of Trust"
(November-December 1998).

I JUST READ online Robert Jewett’s article "The Abandonment of Trust" (November-December 1998). Although I can understand Jewett’s disappointment concerning Clinton’s public prevarication and the covering up of his tortured affair, I do not share Jewett’s conclusions. I cannot help but quote, "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23).

The fact that we have an elected leader who has acknowledged his sin and asks for forgiveness is possibly a first in our history. This is an opportunity for all of us to examine our own lives. Since I passionately believe in Jesus Christ and redemption, I find the president’s admission of sin exemplary and an opportunity for each one of us to see the beam in our own eye instead of the splinter in our brother’s eye.

If we can learn anything from this national impeachment ordeal, it is that we are a nation of sinners in need of grace. Let us rededicate ourselves to the God of fidelity and honor, who does not abandon us as we deserve, but continues to look for us to come back to him.

We are a redeemed people, not a perfect people. We have a savior who saved us while we were yet sinners. There is still time to restore honor and trust in one another. Our God is a God of great generosity. Let us show that same generosity of spirit, forgive one another, and get busy about the works of God. We can best show our resolve by lives of service, day in and day out.

Carole Grappo, Oakland, California

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