The Common Good
January-February 1999

Inspectors Turned Away Again

by Andrew Schleicher | January-February 1999

Iraq isn't the only country to turn away bomb inspectors.

Iraq isn't the only country to turn away bomb inspectors. Last Sep-tember an "International Citizen's Weapons In-spection Team" attempted to enter the Dimona nuclear facility in Israel and was denied access.

Thirteen years ago, Mordechai Vanunu reported the existence of nuclear weapons at Dimona, where he worked as a technician, and was subsequently arrested by Israeli secret police. Vanunu remains in prison, locked in his cell 22 hours each day. Israel continues to deny the presence of weapons of mass destruction and refuses to allow inspections of the Dimona facility.

The international delegation, which also tried to visit Vanunu in prison, was composed of people from the United Kingdom, United States, Norway, Australia, and Israel. After the demonstration at the Dimona facility, police threatened the international delegates with deportation and prison time, but later released them.

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