The Common Good

by David Gushee
January 2015

It's time for Bible-believing Christians to take a new look at what scripture teaches us about gays and lesbians

by David Gushee
January 2015

Five books that are changing the evangelical discussion about LGBT Christians and the church. 

By Margaret Atwood
January 2015 

Do you always have to let bullies kick sand in your face at the beach? 

By Brian Doyle
January 2015

Five boys and one quiet honest wry excellent priest. 

By Dawn Cherie Araujo 
January 2015

With gun violence on the rise in Indianapolis, local churches are responding with prayer and a ministry of presence. 

By Patrick F. O'Connell
January 2015 

Diverse books mark the 100th birthday of the great mystic and writer Thomas Merton. 


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