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A South African Role Model of Reconciliation

Since the historic election of Nov. 4, I have been part of discussions with college students and faith-based institutions that have experienced racial tension and intolerance on their campuses.
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A Second Bretton Woods?

Twenty heads of state descended upon Washington this past weekend to discuss the global financial crisis and how to solve it. A communiqué and action plan came out of the meeting, but without President-elect Obama there, few had expected much to come in terms of concrete results
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Video: How to Make Christmas Ornaments from Credit Cards

The word "plastic" means "anything which can be easily shaped or sculpted" (actually, an even older meaning is "sculptor")
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Ethnic Cleansing in Orissa: India's Persecuted Christians

In India, the world's largest democracy, millions applauded the recent U.S.
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Black Friday and Consumerism, White Privilege and Buy Nothing Day

All of you who have a pulse know that the Friday after Thanksgiving is the single most crazy shopping day in the United States.
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Listening and Learning in the Middle East

In October I spent a week in Amman, Jordan, listening to Arab Christians from Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, and Egypt.
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