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What Glenn Beck Doesn't Understand About Biblical Social Justice

When Glenn Beck promised to devote a whole week of his television show to come after me, I wasn't sure he really meant it. I guess he did. Last night he began to make good on the threat he made on his radio show that "the hammer will fall."
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5 Books to Spark Your Soul

Alas, simply reading a book won't make you a better person.
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Ruth Was a Moabite 'Illegal' Immigrant

Every once in a while I get an "aha" moment and I can't turn my mind off, thus preventing me from a good night's sleep. Last night's "aha" moment came as I was reflecting on the issue of comprehensive immigration reform.
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A Significant Step Toward Health Reform in Spite of Poisonous Politics

From the very beginning, more than a year ago, the faith community called on the president and Congress to follow three principles in health-care reform: that it be framed as a moral issue; that it provide coverage to all who need health care, and that the sanctity of life be respecte
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Reconciliation: Will I Know It When I See It?

Tiger & Elin. Jon & Kate. Deadly Viper and some angry Asian Americans.
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War is Ugly, God is Good: What I Learned from the Truth Commission on Conscience in War

I can't imagine a better way to lament the 7th anniversary of the war in Iraq than by spending it with Iraq veterans who are horrified by the war and courageously speaking out against it
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Circling Jericho in Zimbabwe?

There seems to be a consistent political pattern emerging in Zimbabwe: first, there will be a violation of the unity agreement by ZANU (PF), followed by challenge by opposition parties with threat
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Photos: Rally for Immigration Reform -- Change Takes Courage and Faith

Here are some of my favorite shots from yesterday's massive immigration rally on the National Mall.


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