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The Second-Best Book on Sabbath

If you read only one book about the Sabbath, it should be Abraham Joshua Heschel's 1951 classic
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The Burning Patience of Easter

"We're not desperate."
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What If Resurrection Is A Choice?

"What if the resurrection was a choice?"
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Christians, Jews, and Good Friday

As a Christian, I have a high level of sensitivity toward Jews, of a never-ending sense to be protective of their religion
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The Radical Love of Jesus

When I was a little girl, Easter morning in my house smelled of vinegar and cloves. We were up early, before sunrise to see the sun shout. My father would attend an Easter sunrise service with his Masonic lodge, my mother would bake the Easter ham, and I would dye the Easter eggs.
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'God, is it Okay to Be Afraid Now?'

I gave up fear for Lent. That seemed like a good and perhaps even holy idea at the time.
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The Darkness of Easy Hate and the Light of Easter's Love

Hate is easy and the domain of the lazy. This insight came in the darkness of the early morning. I wish I could say that it was due to a Lenten meditation that pierced my own darkness, but alas, it rose as I got up too late to do my study.
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'Jesus Never Stopped Being a Faithful Jew'

As we approach the climax of Holy Week, James Carroll offers an appropriate caution
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Video: Glenn Beck Meets with Jim Wallis for Social Justice Dialogue

Though Jim Wallis is allegedly on vacation with his family this week, we were able to obtain footage of a top secret meeting between Jim and Fox News commentator Glenn Beck!


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