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Why Did Two Wild Goose Contributors Spend the Night in Jail?

North Carolina, host state for the inaugural Wild Goose Festival, has many things going for it.
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Love Wins

No, I am not submitting a belated entry into the heated conversation about Rob Bell's latest book.
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Friday Links Round Up: Awesome people. Vegetarians. Going mute.

Awesome people. Vegetarians. Going mute. Here's a little round up of links from around the Web you may have missed this week:

  • Are you a new vegetarian? Some tips.
  • Kathy Khang shares more about her experience with depression.
  • Don't you sometimes wish you could just hit the mute button?

"Pentecost is God's 'show-and-tell' lesson that after the incarnation no one people has a purchase on the fullness of God. No single denomination, no one race, no one ethnicity, and no one socioeconomic group mediates God's fullness to the world. Diversity is an essential attribute of a Spirit-filled church (Acts 2:8,18)."

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How Peer Pressure Creates Social Change

People are rarely swayed by information alone.
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An Alternative to Abortion: Imagine the Story We Can Live Out

After my recent intense post about the rapture that has come and gone, I thought I'd write about a very light topic:
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More Financial Madness

Here is part two of my thoughts on the financial situation that the United States faces. Our nation needs a jobs bill. The country needs a second stimulus bill.
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Debt Showdown Reveals an Out-of-Touch Congress

God only knows what alternative universe the United States Congress occupies. On May 31, the U.S. House of Representatives failed to pass a bill to raise the debt limit of the United States.
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The Top 3 Signs This War Will End

One of the amazing things about scripture is that, even after thousands of years, it continues to inspire. Many scholars believe that the prophet Isaiah lived in the 8th century B.C.E.
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Afghanistan Weekly Digest: Democrats Unite. Taliban. The Cost of War.

[Editors' note: As part of Sojourners' campaign to end the war in Afghanistan, we will run a weekly Afghanistan news digest to educate our readers about the latest n
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Music, Art, and the Pursuit of Justice

I love that the Wild Goose Festival is described as festival of justice, spirituality, music, and art.
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