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Yemen: The Difference Between a Peaceful Revolution and Violent Clashes

Atiaf Alwazir, who runs the blog Woman from Yemen, has a new post explaining the relationship between what she calls the "peaceful
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Should We Seek Our Dreams or God's Will?

When young people graduate, they're often told to follow their dreams. Change the world. After all, the sky's the limit.
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The Most Interesting Woman in the World

Have you seen the Dos Equis commercials starring actor Jonathan Goldsmith as "the most interesting man in the world"?
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His Name is Potlako

His name is Potlako. Potlako means "earlier than expected," I suppose he was named Potlako because he was either a premature baby or he followed soon -- too soon -- after his elder brother.
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What Men and Women Lose Under Complementarianism

Any discussion of shared authority and responsibility between men and women must start with the importance Jesus placed on unity among his followers.
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Congressman Weiner and the Rules of Decent Behavior

Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote the following in response to news about Arnold
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Could the U.S. Be Moving to a State of Perpetual War?

One might think that three wars -- Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya -- would be enough. Apparently, for the United States military apparatus, it's not.
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Why Did Two Wild Goose Contributors Spend the Night in Jail?

North Carolina, host state for the inaugural Wild Goose Festival, has many things going for it.
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Love Wins

No, I am not submitting a belated entry into the heated conversation about Rob Bell's latest book.
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Friday Links Round Up: Awesome people. Vegetarians. Going mute.

Awesome people. Vegetarians. Going mute. Here's a little round up of links from around the Web you may have missed this week:

  • Are you a new vegetarian? Some tips.
  • Kathy Khang shares more about her experience with depression.
  • Don't you sometimes wish you could just hit the mute button?

"Pentecost is God's 'show-and-tell' lesson that after the incarnation no one people has a purchase on the fullness of God. No single denomination, no one race, no one ethnicity, and no one socioeconomic group mediates God's fullness to the world. Diversity is an essential attribute of a Spirit-filled church (Acts 2:8,18)."

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