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Second Time Around: Wild Goose Mixtape 2013

Image: Mixtape, Andreka /
Image: Mixtape, Andreka /

I’m excited to share this mixtape in honor of the Wild Goose Festival, Aug. 8-11 in Hot Springs, N.C. 

For the festival proper, this third one will surely be a charm. But for me, it’s the second time around, hence the title of this playlist, also taken from an Indigo Girls song. Getting ready for a music festival for me requires hours upon hours of research: buying and downloading mp3s, studying sounds with the headphones on. These are just a few favorites I’ve found and suggestions for your weekend—mixing up the indie-folk with the psychedelic-liturgical with the pop-folk and power-pop. 

The mixtape works like a storybook of sonic massage on the ears, guts, and heart. My prayer is that your listen will provide at least a sliver of the joy that making it offered. Hopefully you can allow this mix to accompany your packing routine or en route roadtrip. See you at the shows! Or if you cannot make it, hopefully these songs will remind you why you wish you could.

Troy Bronsink – Today We All Are Called (Fri 8.9 – 11:30am & 3pm @ Performance Café)
Ears to the Ground Family – Almond Blossom (Sat 8.10 – 4:30pm @ Performance Café)
Money Cannot Be Eaten – Incandescent Light (Sat 8.10 – 4:30pm @ Performance Café)
The Friendly Beasts – Reflex (Sat 8.10 – 6:00pm @ Performance Café)
Adam Crossley – My Summer Song (Thu 8.8 – 8:30pm @ Main Stage)
The Violet Burning – Radio Jesus Superstar (Thu 8.8 – 10:30pm @ Performance Café)
Phil Madeira – Mercyland (Fri 8.9 – 9:00pm @ Main Stage)
The Collection – Lazarus (Thu 8.8 – 7:30pm @ Main Stage)
Run River North – Fight to Keep (Sat 8.10 – 8:00pm @ Main Stage)
Indigo Girls – Second Time Around (Sat 8.10 – 9:15pm @ Main Stage)
 Lost Dogs – Beautiful Scandalous Night (Fri 8.9 – 10:30pm @ Performance Cafe)
Andy Gullahorn – Resurrection (Fri 8.9 – 7:30pm @ Main Stage)
Work of the People – Revelation 12 (Fri 8.9 – 8pm @ The Chapel) 

Andrew William Smith is an English professor by day and DJ by night who works as the Faculty Head of the Tree House environmental living and learning village at Tennessee Tech. He’s an activist, poet, blogger, writer/editor at, ruling elder in the PCUSA, Vanderbilt seminarian, and aspiring preacher. Check out his blog at or follow Andrew on Twitter @teacheronradio.

Image: Mixtape, Andreka /

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