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Jim Wallis and Lisa Sharon Harper Discuss Working with Others on Immigration Reform

Over the past two years, an alliance of faith, law enforcement, and business leadership has come together to forge a new consensus on immigrants and America. These relationships have been built through outreach in the evangelical community; the development of state compacts in Texas, Indiana, Utah, and Iowa; and regional summits in the Mountain West, Midwest, and Southeast, where faith, law enforcement, and business constituencies are strongest and support for immigration needs a boost.

Sojourners has been an active partner in this new alliance. As a founding member of the Evangelical Immigration Table, we have worked to lift up faith voices in the immigration debate and drive a new immigration discussion based on moral values. 

In order to build momentum and increase collaboration we’ve launched "Bibles, Badges and Business for Immigration Reform" (BBB) as a national network of faith, law enforcement, and business leaders working together to educate and support members of Congress. The new year presents a major opportunity for immigration reform, and this rising network of allies will become a driving force in the renewed effort.

In the video below, Sojourners’ Jim Wallis and Lisa Sharon Harper discuss the importance of working with other constituencies to enact commonsense immigration reform.

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