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Thanks for Your Thanks!

Have you ever given someone a gift they really needed? A gift that made them cry and laugh at the same time? 

Photo by Carrie Adams
Happy Sisters! Photo by Carrie Adams

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We got to do that last week. 
As you probably know, we’ve spent the last week gathering thank you notes for the Conference of Women’s Religious. They’re having a tough time (see HERE for some backstory), so we thought we’d send them a little encouragement.
We collected a host of notes, some heartwarming, some sassy, some from former students, some from people who had never even met a nun — but they were all encouraging. All your good words filled three binders worth of love. Incredible. 
Faithful America added their signatures, and let me tell you, these Sisters were showered in love. 
Rose Marie Berger and I drove up to Silver Spring, Md., to the national office of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and boy was it worth the drive.
First of all, these ladies give really good hugs. Second, handing someone a gift that makes them cry is amazing and really touching.
See those smiles? They meant it. They couldn’t stop grinning, I saw a few tears, and more hugs than normal, which was pretty great (see above- great huggers). 
Just know that your words of encouragement were meaningful, appreciated, and gave a true blessing to these sisters on the front lines of social justice.
Thanks for your thanks! 
Carrie Adams is Communications Manager for Sojourners. 
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