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Today in God: Feb. 6, 2012

Photo via Getty Images.
Photo via Getty Images.

Not much religion in the Big Game last night, unless you count Chevy's Mayan Apocalypse ad or Madonna's medley, which included a bit of "Like a Prayer." 

(Remember when that song's video was a big deal?)

Let's move on, then. 

Picking up on his predecessor's New York magazine article on Mitt Romney's mummed Mormonism, NYT columnist Frank Bruni says  "(Romney's) editing out the core of his identity. He’s muffling his soul."

Randall Balmer agrees in a New Republic piece. "Not only does his caginess reinforce his image as evasive," Balmer writes, "his reticence about his faith reflects Mormonism’s lack of openness."

Fair to say now that the media has Mormonism on the mind?

Meanwhile, Romney is attacking President Obama on religious freedom and pledged to overturn the HHS/contraception rule on his first day in office.

But did you know Romney had a skeptical-of-religion, ex-Mormon second cousin? Apparently the Romneys are a diverse (and big) bunch.

Speaking of Romney (or at least his attire): did you know Ivy League style, the quintessentially WASPy American look was actually created by Jewish designers?

Black Churches are entering a new era of protest, so says the New York Times.

The Army's Chief of Chaplains reportedly prevented Catholic chaplains from reading a letter from the pulpit calling on Catholics to resist the rule.

Ron Paul supporters crashed a special Saturday night Republican caucus in Nevada intended to accommodate Orthodox Jews.  

A federal judge has ruled there's sufficient evidence to allow "Sister Wives"  to pursue a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Utah's bigamy law.

Bishop Eddie Long apologized to the Anti-Defamation League after he was wrapped in a Torah scroll and crowned "king."

In Illinois priest was let go for excessive ad-libbing during Mass

Bil Maher tried to "unbaptize" Mitt Romney's father in law. (Link Warning: he used foul language while doing so.)

And, finally, a heads up to the Republican Presidential Candidates: Harry Potter is not happy with you. Well, the actor who plays Harry Potter isn't anyway: Daniel Radcliffe, an atheist, is apparently taking issue with the religiosity of several RNC presidential hopefuls.

No word on how this might affect the coveted Hogwarts endorsement.

Source: Daniel Burke and Jack Jenkins/RNS

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