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Follow the Meme: "Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus" Copycats and Responders

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus is a true Internet phenomenon, garnering more than 18 million views and sparking a global debate.

As with most internet phenomena, the viral video has given birth to dozens of similar videos from folks around the world, each adding a different (sometimes serious, sometimes not) perspective to the debates.

Whilst none has had quite the same impact as the original in terms of millions of hits, clicks and media coverage, there are conversation starters aplenty in many of these intriguing (and entertaining) videos.

Here’s a roundup of some of the most interesting responses:

Why I Love Religion, And Love Jesus

“You clearly have a heart for Jesus, but it’s fuelling atheistic opinions”


Re: Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus

"If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless. James 1:26"

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus (Muslim Version)

"This is not an attack upon Christians, so please don't take this as offensive, it's just a means of education and let people know what Jesus was truly sent with. Jesus is a Prophet of Islam, yet a God of Christianity."

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I Hate Religion But Love Jesus — A Catholic Response

“What if I told you that Jesus did not come to abolish religion? What if I told you he had much higher ambition?”


Why I Love Religion, And Love Jesus

“You speak well, and I pray for you always. But as you continue your journey, don’t get lost in the haze”


Father Robert Barron Comments on "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus"

"I got flooded with requests, 'Father, you've got to comment on this video."

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Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus (A Plea)

"I'm not seeking to attack anyone, as I say in my video. I simply want to point out errors in his message, especially because he is reaching so many people so quickly, that I feel if one trusts in these misunderstandings, they could be led astray."

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Love Jesus Religiously

“See it’s sin that is the problem, only sin and not religion, for the Church that you indicted is the bride of he who is risen”


A Spoken Word Response to Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus

"You made some good points, that I'll give you. But to throw religion away is a slap to the one who made you."

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Loves Religion: A Christian Response

"If you are a Christian who believes in this idea that Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with Jesus, then I urge you to watch this video. God Bless! :)"

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