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American Exceptionalism Will Dominate The 21st Century
American Exceptionalism has routinely been underestimated by America's adversaries. We have argued for the last year that powerful trends are reshaping U.S. that will lead to result a rebirth of American manufacturing, coupled with positive business trends, and just as powerful political trends are shrinking the size of government and its capacity to intervene in the economy. The combination of these trends will create a sustained upward spike in the American economy.
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End The War In Afghanistan, Win The Independent Vote?
In poll results from CBS News released earlier this month 57 percent of Americans feel that we should not be fighting the war in Afghanistan. When asked, "How much longer would you be willing to have large numbers of U.S. troops remain in Afghanistan?" 38 percent of those polled responded with less than a year. 24 percent of Americans felt we should only maintain a presence in Afghanistan for one to two years. Clearly a majority of the people has grown weary of this war and sees little to be gained from maintaining our presence. 62 percent of Americans want to see us exit this final Middle Eastern war no later than October 2013.
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Americans See Themselves as Homesteaders

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