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Heckler FAIL: To Obama, "You're the antichrist."

At a Monday night event in Los Angeles, President Obama was interrupted by a heckler who declared that he was the "antichrist." Obama had just begun to speak -- saying hello to a member of Congress in the balcony -- when a bearded man in the front row began to yell. "Christian God is the one and only true living God, the creator of Heaven and the Universe!" the man shouted. "I love Jesus! Jesus Christ is God! Jesus Christ is the son of God!" he continued. "You are the antichrist!" As security hustled the heckler from the room, Obama smiled and (once again) affirmed his faith, saying, "First of all, I agree. Jesus Christ is the Lord. I believe in that," and then made sure the man hadn't left his jacket behind.

Civility:1. Heckler: 0.

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