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Video: CNN Covers Jim Wallis and Other Faith Leaders in Gulf Coast

100708-jim-cnn-gulfcoastWatch the video below of CNN's coverage of Jim Wallis and other faith leaders as they tour the Gulf Coast on a trip sponsored by the Sierra Club. (For live updates, follow @jimwallis on Twitter.)

Here is an excerpt from one of Jim's earlier blog posts from the Gulf Coast:

"I was asked by a reporter if this disaster was an act of God. I said no, this is a result of human folly. And if you think that the people you see here are sad at what has happened to this place, then just imagine how sad the Creator who gave us this natural beauty as a gift must be. If you think those who have lost their jobs are mad, imagine how angry the God who gave us the job to take care of creation is when we fail like this.

It is not enough for any of us to be sad, feel guilty, or say that we are sorry. We must repent. That means we have to turn away from the way things have been and move forward on a new path. We need to turn away from our addiction to oil that has hurt our neighbors and the planet. Why this crisis has happened and what we will learn from it are both spiritual questions we must now ask ourselves. Life will not be the same for Kevin; it cannot be the same for us."

Continue to read more of God's Politics' coverage of the oil spill. Watch the video below or read CNN's article about the trip.

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