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An Early BP Christmas Present? Please, God, No

"Spill" sounds so innocuous, doesn't it? "Whoops, I spilled some milk." It doesn't seem like the appropriate word to append to "oil." "Whoops, I spilled several MILLION gallons of oil."

I don't like feeling helpless. But that's what I'm feeling right now. And with the latest news that a worst case scenario might see the leak not closed until Christmas, all I can think to do is keep praying.

Pray that BP manages to seal the leak that continues to pump thousands of gallons of oil every day -- seen and unseen -- into the Gulf of Mexico.

Mourn the loss of aquatic and avian life, and grieve the more than four hundred species -- including sperm whales, herons, dolphins, and manatees -- it is estimated will be impacted by the spill.

Pray for those in the area (and those who have gone to the area) to help with the clean-up effort. Pray for families like the Philippes, indigenous residents of Louisiana's Grand Bayou, whose livelihoods have been irreparably damaged:

(Video: OnEarth Magazine)

Lord, have mercy

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