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Cosmic Child Abuse?: Mark Driscoll, N.T. Wright and Atonement that does Jesus Justice

British Evangelist Steve Chalke upset a lot of evangelicals of a reformed bent with two little paragraphs in (his book that has so much worth reading in it beyond what has got all the attention) The Lost Message of Jesus. In the book he used the provocative term (previously used by many scholars outside evangelical circles), "cosmic child abuse" to talk of tragic and destructive distortions in our sharing of the gospel that fall horrifically short of the good news that "God was reconciling the world to himself in Jesus" (2 Cor. 5:19). Instead, a picture is painted of God the Father who is drastically different in nature to God the Son (i.e. the One who sends Jesus isn't much like what Jesus embodies and teaches and instead of loving like Jesus loves, he kills Christ).

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To stand in the stream of orthodox Trinitarian Christian theology, we must affirm with Gregory of Nyssa that,

"All that the Father is, we see revealed in the Son

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