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What the Christian Coalition and the National Wildlife Federation Have in Common

What do the Christian Coalition and the National Wildlife Federation have in common? You might think, not much. But Roberta Combs, CCA president and Larry Schweiger, NWF president, have written a joint column calling for a comprehensive clean energy policy.

They urge a policy that ends our oil dependency and creates jobs in new energy industries, pointing out that this would also reduce pollution. "Protecting the air our kids breathe and the water they drink is a family value," they write. Combs and Schweiger end by writing:

Some may consider ours an unusual partnership. But our two organizations share a common interest in building support for a bipartisan energy plan.

Whether our members approach this as people of faith, as hunters and anglers, as parents or grandparents or as young Americans looking to the future, they understand that the United States cannot afford to remain stuck in the energy rut we are in now.

They are right. Our goal should be to develop the ethic of a sustainable economy and then teach that ethic to our children. What we do now will lay the foundation of a future for our children and grandchildren, instead of the destructive path we are now on.

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