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Repeat After Me: Profit is NOT Satanic

Don't you love it when someone tries to argue for one thing by distracting your attention to another? Consider the claims of Barclay's CEO, John Varley. I mean, really now, while there may be a few diehards who would make the rather stark claim that "profit is satanic," there are not many, statistically speaking.

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The issue is rarely profit per se, but rather the conditions under which it is earned, the fundamental justice of the profit-taking, and the inequities created by injudicious profit-taking. So, while one would be inclined to agree that profit-taking per se is not satanic, one can imagine numerous scenarios in which a particular case of profit taken is, well, if not satanic, at least demonic.

You have to love Varley's argument, steeped as it is in scripture. Consider this gem:

Is Christianity and banking compatible? Yes ... And is Christianity and fair reward compatible? Yes.

Well, there you go! That settles that. Oh, wait

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