The Common Good

What Else Will Our Children Pay For?

Check out the FRC's latest ad opposing health-care reform:

Don't you have to wonder the extent to which biblical priorities get lost in these debates between groups, all claiming to follow Jesus? Did we see ads like this when the deficit exploded as a consequence of the Bush tax cuts -- labeled by some as the biggest inter-generational transfer of wealth ever? When those cuts were partially underwritten by cutting aid to the least of our neighbors, did we hear objection?

We do recall, don't we, the centrality of Jesus' call to care for the least -- say, in Matthew 25? Or, even though the one we name as our Lord is called the Prince of Peace, did we see the FRC, or their partners, raise these sorts of objections to the incredible costs of the war in Iraq? I don't recall seeing any, and thus, my puzzlement. Exactly what Bible are we reading?

Chuck Gutenson is chief operating officer for Sojourners.

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