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Sojourners' Health-Care Truth-Telling Campaign: Now Targeting Advertisers

Members of Sojourners' action alert list have received the first three messages of a week-long campaign on truth-telling in the health-care debate. We've been targeting some of the most well-known, most egregious examples of media distortions on the issue, including statements by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and today, Bill O'Reilly.

We're not pushing a particular bill or plan, but we're targeting the most obvious distortions and outright lies about what health-care reform would and would not do. Our strategy has been to feature the real stories of real people, appealing to the humanity of these broadcasters to consider individuals' experiences of our broken health-care system when they make statements such as:

"There really isn't a crisis in health care in this country ... In fact, the odds of you being wiped out by a catastrophe or accident once the government gets started running this stuff is greater than if the private sector does -- but day-to-day, there's no health-care crisis in this country." --The Rush Limbaugh Show, 6/18/09

"[If health-care reform passes, we're] gonna have a government rationing body that tells women with breast cancer, 'You're dead.' It's a death sentence."

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