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M2EP LIVE: Taking on the Powers (kind of)

This is the day. The day that the entrenched powers on Capitol Hill come face to face with the horde of advocates from the Mobilization Against Poverty. Over a thousand strong (I love being in a horde this big!), we'll be fanning out through the offices of Congress, preaching the Gospel truth, and bringing the principalities and powers to their knees!

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Assuming we can get an appointment.

(Did the Old Testament prophets have to put up with this? Did the guards at Nineveh tell Ezekiel, "Actually, 11 is not good for us this morning. How about later this afternoon? Or would tomorrow be better for you, say around 10ish?")

Actually, most of our delegations already have appointments with Congressional representatives, and we expect to be treated with due deference and respect. We gave them enough notice so they have had time to practice their good listening skills and be able to express convincingly how sorry they are that their representative is unavailable to speak directly with us, but that they, the staff members, will take copious notes and listen attentively so that, when the Congressman crawls out from under his desk after the M2EP delegation has left, he can be fully briefed.

But seriously, we're expecting a very good day. The sun is bright, hopes are high, and we've been inspired by early morning pep talks from John Perkins, Adam Taylor, and Jim Wallis, all of whom spoke before we had coffee, so I hope somebody else was listening.

Caffeine or no caffeine, we're pumped! We're ready! We're filled with the Holy Spirit. ONWARD to Capitol Hill!

(Anybody know how to get there? It's on the Red Line, right?)

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