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Dear Santa, All I Want for Christmas...

Dear Santa,

I remember how Christmas used to be when I was a little girl: waking up early Christmas morning, racing downstairs to see the presents and unwrapping gifts.

But since I've grown up, Christmas is about Christ, and the greatest "present" to me is the time I get to spend with my family and friends. For me, those memories mean more than any gift anyone could give me.

I'm sure that your intentions were good when you first decided to do the "giving presents" concept. And originally, it was supposed to be about the children. But I'm afraid that some of us adults are taking this gift-giving thing of yours and making it more of a gift-getting thing.

I hear parents on the public bus, listing all the things their kids can get them, being very specific about what brand and what color they want. And I'm sure that you heard about the incidents in New York this Black Friday, people getting killed in stores as people tried to buy the material things that create their superficial idea of Christmas.

You may think I'm blaming you for this, Santa, but I'm not. What I'm trying to say is that Christmas is being replaced by presents.

My point, Santa, is that I need your help to bring Christmas back. Christmas should be about Christ, about family, about thankfulness, about love and peace.

I don't know what my one small voice can do

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