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Top 10 Reasons to Sign the Vote Out Poverty Pledge

Because politics have failed to solve big problems in the past, it is tempting, even during a critical election year, to become apathetic and disengage from the political process. However, if we are to have any hope to change the failed politics of our nation, we must activate ourselves as citizens and re-center the national debate and agenda who around Jesus calls the "least of these."

We invite you to join our Vote Out Poverty Campaign and 1) Put Poverty on the top of your agenda by signing the Vote Out Poverty Pledge, 2) Put Poverty on the top of your church's agenda by organizing a Poverty Sunday, and 3) Put Poverty on the top of your candidate's agenda by getting them to sign the Vote Out Poverty Candidate Pledge.

For those tempted to think your voice does not make a difference, here are our Top 10 Reasons Why Signing the Vote Out Poverty Pledge Matters!

10. It holds me accountable as a voter.
9. It puts an important issue in the spotlight.
8. It's a tangible way to hold elected officials accountable.
7. It's a concrete reflection of real people who care about the issue.
6. It's a way to recruit new people to the campaign and movement.
5. It's a way to show solidarity

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