The Common Good

Bad News and Good News for a Dream Deferred

Remember Bobbie Williams, the tough but hopeful friend we sent to truck-driving school back in May?

Well, the bad news is that Bobbie washed out of the course a few months later, after her adult daughter suffered complications in childbirth and Bobbie had to take the newborn home herself for a few weeks to keep it out of foster care. It was truly painful to watch Bobbie's dream (and her family's best chance at a steady income) derailed by a bunch of typical ghetto nonsense (an unhealthy diet, an invisible baby-daddy, and an insanely unsupportive extended family). For a long time, she avoided us altogether, out of a sad mixture of embarrassment, anger, and despair. In the end, however, she had nowhere else to go.

The good news is that last Friday, after all kinds of obstacles (Bobbie's school-based loans had fallen behind, so we had to risk even more of our money, the school itself moved so far away that we had to find a host family

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