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Primaries. Clinton camp splits on message "Mark Penn, chief strategist and pollster, liked Clinton's emphasis on her "strength and experience," and he defended the idea of her running as a quasi-incumbent best suited for the presidency. Harold Ickes and other advisors said that message was not working. A more promising strategy, they argued, would be to focus on the historic prospect of electing the first woman president." Clinton Aides Split on How to Take On Obama "When Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton meets Senator Barack Obama at a one-on-one debate in Austin, one of her final opportunities to change the course of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, she will again face the challenge that has repeatedly stymied her: how to discredit her popular opponent without hurting herself." Obama, Drawing Criticism on Two Fronts, Fires Back "Coming off a decisive string of victories, Senator Barack Obama pushed back against attacks by his political rivals as the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination entered a combative and critical two-week period."

Families. Most Children Still Live in Two-Parent Homes, Census Bureau Reports "Over all, 7 in 10 children live with two parents, about two-thirds live with two married parents, and about 6 in 10 live with both biological parents, according to the latest analysis," U.S. families data remains steady "America's family trends held steady in 2004, with most American children living with their married biological parents,"

Global poverty bill. Conservative blogs, talk shows attack world-poverty bill - and Obama "It isn't a high-profile bill, but the Global Poverty Act has lit up the conservative blogosphere, and even Rush Limbaugh has gotten into the act. Quietly approved by the House of Representatives last fall with bipartisan support, the bill, sponsored by Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., would require the president to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to help reduce extreme global poverty."

Health emergencies. States better prepared for big health emergencies, but 'enormous' work ahead, U.S. says "In the first report of its kind, U.S. health officials said the nation's states and cities made a strong effort to prepare for a flu pandemic, bioterrorism or other emergency health crises, but big challenges remain."

Economy. Bad news for the economy: soaring energy prices "For the economy, the run-up could not come at a worse time. Many economists believe the US economy is teetering on the edge of a recession. Higher energy prices act as a tax on consumers, absorbing money that would normally be used to buy other things."

Going green. Business begins to see profit in going green "Around the country and around the world, more companies and investment funds are walking their talk on tackling global climate change.

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