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Budget. Bush budget sees bigger deficits as economy slows "U.S. President George W. Bush acknowledged on Monday a weaker economy would lead to higher budget deficits, as he unveiled a $3.1 trillion spending plan for fiscal year 2009 that would nearly freeze domestic programs. The budget makes military spending and the Iraq war its centerpiece, proposing a 7.5 percent increase for the Pentagon to $515 billion. On top of that Bush also sought $70 billion more for the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan." Bush unveils $3.1 trillion spending plan "President Bush unveiled a $3.1 trillion budget on Monday that supports sizable increases in military spending to fight the war on terrorism and protects his signature tax cuts. The spending proposal, which shows the government spending $3 trillion in a 12-month period for the first time in history, squeezes most of government outside of national security, and also seeks $196 billion in savings over the next five years in the government's giant health care programs - Medicare for the elderly and Medicaid for the poor."

Presidential Campaign. Voters across U.S. get to speak on Super Tuesday"They've had their say, the people of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida. Now, tens of millions of Americans across the country will get to weigh in

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