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Theresa Cho

Theresa Cho is a Reno, Nevada native who graduated from McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago with awards in preaching and theology. She blogs at Still Waters.

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Posted by Theresa Cho 3 years 40 weeks ago
The Lord called Samuel again, a third time. And he got up and went to Eli, and said, 'Here I am, for you called me.' Then Eli perceived that the Lord was calling the boy. 9Therefore Eli said to...
Posted by Theresa Cho 3 years 45 weeks ago
You don't need a ton of proof to know that more and more churches are struggling to survive. It seems churches that are in this predicament have one of two options: revive or die. There are a lot...
Posted by Theresa Cho 3 years 48 weeks ago
Posted by Theresa Cho 3 years 49 weeks ago
I recently wrote a blog about how to kill a dying church, asking questions about what to do with so many churches dying. I think the challenge is recognizing the signs that a church is dying. The...
Posted by Theresa Cho 3 years 51 weeks ago

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What brings churches together? Is a common language enough?