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Alison Kirkpatrick

Alison Kirkpatrick is a blogger, speaker, and college writing instructor. She lives and worships with her family in San Diego, Calif. You can read more of her work on her blog, #Signs of Love.

Blog Posts by Alison Kirkpatrick

Posted by Alison Kirkpatrick 1 year 35 weeks ago
Like most of the world last spring, I watched in fascination as Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected pope. The first day, I was non-plussed. Another old, white guy? Big surprise. The second day, I began...
Posted by Alison Kirkpatrick 1 year 43 weeks ago
I tend to keep my heart under lock and key. I am not prone to Merton-esque revelations. My conscious mind is a far safer vantage point from which to view life’s experiences, so when a friend invited...
Posted by Alison Kirkpatrick 2 years 16 weeks ago
I’ve been reading with interest about the “nones” and the increasing number of people who identify themselves as SBNR — spiritual but not religious. Though I try not to get sucked down Internet...