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In Celebration of Women
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May 10, 2012   QUOTE OF THE WEEK "SNAP participation at f ...

In Celebration of Women
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This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Here at Sojourners, we’re taking the entire week to celebrate not only mothers, but all women who have made an impact on our lives. For their strength, heroism, charity and wisdom, ...

Mother's Week: The Audio Motherload (Part I)
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The Audio Motherload (Part 1):Radio documentaries, comedy, and interviews on mothers and women from John Hodgman, This American Life, Radiolab, Mom's Open Mic, and Anne Lamott ... ...

Mother's Week: Music (Part I)
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From bands singing about their mothers and songwriters promoting women's empowerment, to songs about reference mothers and girls and odes to the divine feminine, we give you Music for Mother's Week ( ...

'Mommy Style'
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I answer the questions quickly and, after my score is tabulated, I learn that my “Mommy Style” is . . . drum roll, please . . . Earthy Mom! Yay! I think I was tagged as “earthy” because I admitted that my fami ...