The Common Good
November 2006 Sojourners

November 2006 Sojourners


One Nation ... Under God?
Democracy demands that religious Americans translate their concerns into universal values - and that secularists make room for faith and morality.
by Sen. Barack Obama


God and the Red Carpet
How does faith in Jesus enter the moving picture for Hollywood writer-producer David MacFadzean?
by Bob Massey

Experiments With Truth
Exploring the difference between the public truth of the sermon and the private truth of the memoir.
by Barbara Brown Taylor

Creating Reel Change
Maybe a single film can't change the world, but put a social action campaign behind it and you have the seeds of a movement.
by Donovan Jacobs

Doing the Write Thing
The (seeming) dichotomy of arts and activism.
by Julia Alvarez

From Imagination To Action
Can fiction be a vehicle for social change?
by Valerie Weaver-Zercher


Words! Camera! Democracy!
Storytelling in the digital age.
by Molly Marsh

What to See
Films to watch out for.
by Sojourners Editors


Hearts & Minds: Who Will Protect Us From Him?
George Bush's sense of religion makes him alarmingly self-righteous.
by Jim Wallis

Eyes & Ears: The Digital Pipeline
Who will control the stories we tell - and who gets to see them?
by Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: Vacation, Minus Two
by Ed Spivey Jr.


Living the Word: Power of Imagination
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle B for November.
by Robert Roth


Good Reads: New and Noteworthy books
Book: Justice in a Global Economy: Strategies for Home, Community, and World by Pamela Brubaker (editor), Rebecca Todd Peters, and Laura Stivers.
Book: Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton by John Trudell, Jonathan Montaldo, and Toth Robert. Book: Beyond Prisons: A New Interfaith Paradigm for Our Failed Prison System by Laura Magnani and Harmon Wray.
Book: Prayer: Does it Make Any Difference? by Phillip Yancey.
Book: Donegal Suite by John McNamee.
Book: Encountering Ecclesiastes by James Limburg.
Book: The New Friars: The Emerging Movemenrt Serving the World's Poor by Scott Bessenecker.
Book: Vital Christianity: Spirituality, Justice and Christian Practice by William H. Willimon, Mark Waid, and David L. Weaver-Zercher.
Reviewed by Sojourners editors