The Common Good
Mobilizing Hope

Mobilizing Hope


In Martin Luther King's day the movement of God was a revolution in civil rights and human dignity. Now Sojourners' former Director of Policy and Outreach, Adam Taylor, draws from that movement for the present, where the burden of the world is different but the need is the same. Jim Wallis writes in the foreword, Mobilizing Hope "is a story of how Adam and many of his cohorts are shaping the next strategies for faith-based social change; a theology for social justice; a spirituality for young activists; a handbook for those who want to experiment with activism and search out their own vocation in the world; and a strategy manual that draws lessons from past movements for change." See what today's new nonconformists are doing to keep in step with the God of justice and love, and find ways you can join them in an activism of hope.

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