Alive Now is a devotional magazine that nurtures the spiritual lives of individuals hungry for God. The magazine invites readers to enter an ever-deepening relationship with God, helps them to open and unclutter their hearts, and encourages them to reflect on contemporary issues from a faith perspective.


Give the art-lovers and readers in your life a one-year subscription to the premier journal of art and faith. For 25 years, Image has published contemporary fiction, poetry, essays, and art that grapple with perennial religious questions, fulfilling Ezra Pound's charge that the artist must "make it new."


Sojourners magazine is where Christians turn for a biblical perspective on faith, politics, and culture. Rooted in scripture, with a strong commitment to social justice and activism, each issue addresses current events as well as important topics such as spirituality, poverty, racism, climate change, immigration reform, and nonviolence.