Food and Beverages


Coexist is going beyond the bumper sticker with their line of products for good. Profits from Coexist products go to divided communities, providing children access to better education and creating a stronger, more cohesive society.


Surprise her this holiday with a cookbook for the modern woman. Complete with serving sizes, calorie counts and wine pairings, each recipe creates unique, stress-free meals for the girl on the go. Promotes independence while satiating appetites, with a clean design & easy-to-follow directions.


Koinonia Farm is a Christian community that runs a mail-order business. Check out our books on theology, farming, and community. We strive to have business partners who are fair-trade and environmentally conscious. Our pecans are farmed using the best possible practices. Palestinian goods, Fair Trade chocolate & apparel.


Looking for delicious gifts that give back?

Equal Exchange offers a range of fairly traded and organic coffee, chocolate, cocoa, tea, and other gifts that support small-scale farmers around the world. Together we can create stronger local communities, a more just food system and a healthier planet.