Charitable Choice

Julie Polter 5-01-2008
For members of the philanthropic group Bolder Giving, generosity pays.
Julie Polter 5-01-2008
Serving God with your money, in boom times and bust.
Susan Taylor 5-01-2008
Teaching our kids (and ourselves) to be smart -- and generous -- about money.

The Community of Sant´Egidio, a Catholic lay group, is encouraging a glass of good wine with supper.

This spring, the Survey Research Center at the University of Akron surveyed 587 leaders of faith-based organizations with government contracts under federal programs...

John DiIulio 5-01-2001

Some religious leaders, especially from within conservative evangelical Christian communities of faith, have worried out loud that religious bodies that receive government support will, over time

E.J. Dionne Jr. 5-01-2001

Charitable choice has to be seen as part of a broader effort to strengthen civil society as a whole.

Feared by some, welcomed by others, charitable choice might transform social services in this country. So why have so few people even heard of it?

E.J. Dionne Jr. 3-01-2000
E.J. Dionne talks about God, politics, and the American experiment.
Melissa Rogers 7-01-1998
Threat to Religion
Opportunity to Serve
Carol Fennelly 5-01-1998
An effort to protect churches' public ministries.