Charitable Choice

Julie Polter 05-01-2008
For members of the philanthropic group Bolder Giving, generosity pays.
Julie Polter 05-01-2008
Serving God with your money, in boom times and bust.
Susan Taylor 05-01-2008
Teaching our kids (and ourselves) to be smart -- and generous -- about money.

The Community of SantĀ“Egidio, a Catholic lay group, is encouraging a glass of good wine with supper.

This spring, the Survey Research Center at the University of Akron surveyed 587 leaders of faith-based organizations with government contracts under federal programs...

John DiIulio 05-01-2001

Some religious leaders, especially from within conservative evangelical Christian communities of faith, have worried out loud that religious bodies that receive government support will, over time

E.J. Dionne Jr. 05-01-2001

Charitable choice has to be seen as part of a broader effort to strengthen civil society as a whole.

Feared by some, welcomed by others, charitable choice might transform social services in this country. So why have so few people even heard of it?

E.J. Dionne Jr. 03-01-2000
E.J. Dionne talks about God, politics, and the American experiment.
Opportunity to Serve
Melissa Rogers 07-01-1998
Threat to Religion
Carol Fennelly 05-01-1998
An effort to protect churches' public ministries.