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Video Flips The Script On The Ridiculous Reasons Women ‘Should Not Be Pastors’


Writers, Broadcasters to Receive ‘Science for Religion Reporters’ Award

The AAAS Dialogue on Science, Ethics and Religion program (DoSER) announced Monday that eight writers and broadcasters will receive the first Science for Religion Reporters Award. The awards are part of a one-year grant with the goal of providing religion journalists opportunities for exposure to forefront science, enriching science communication with their audiences.

Americans’ Quest for the Christmas of Their Childhoods: Nostalgia isn’t just a feeling—it’s a commodity.

On an icy Maine pond one December morning, Chester Greenwood, a 15-year-old boy with oversized ears, was freezing. He cut a few strokes on his new skates before the ear-piercing cold became unbearable. Turning back to his grandmother’s farmhouse kitchen, a sudden inspiration blazed against the chill. The boy gathered a few scraps of farm wire, beaver fur, and cloth. In a moment, he fashioned a solution for the long winter cold: earmuffs.

How Christians in Kenya are trying to hack government corruption

NAIROBI, KENYA — In a small side hall inside a ministry building, a group of young developers and artists huddled over their laptops. Half-filled Fanta and Coke bottles sat forgotten in the center of the table as the group worked in studied concentration while gospel music played in the background. With crumpled candy wrappers lying nearby, the scene was reminiscent of a college dorm hall or cafeteria. But but rather than cramming for exams, these young Kenyans were trying to hack government corruption.