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Joshua Witchger 11-21-2011


Awesome tweet of the day: The father of liberal theology, Fred Schleiermacher, was born today in 1768. “Born” and “today” are just metaphors, of course. (via @shipofools) Plus interfaith bridge building, an extensive interview from U2, Jana Riess is Flunking Sainthood, Pakistanian cell phone censorship, Oscar-worthy documentaries, urban farming, Malawi introduces an anti-farting law (seriously, see above) and more.   


Elizabeth Palmberg 8-01-2009

Bio: Founder and CEO, Northern California Urban Development (www.norcaludc.org)
Blog: norcalurban.blogspot.com


Auto idolatry and casino economics have left Detroit tottering on the brink. What will it take for Motown to rise again?

For the first time in history, more people live in urban than rural areas, according to a 2007 U.N.

Kate Bowman 7-01-2004

They're reading liberation theology and listening to the world's urban poor. Meet the young evangelicals of Word Made Flesh.

Larry Bellinger 9-01-2001

Cornel West is nothing if not prolific.

Eric DeBode 1-01-2001

The Word on the Street has the potential to be a book about two theologians who volunteer at a soup kitchen, feel good about themselves, and write heart-warming stories about their experiences.

Larry Bellinger 1-01-2001

"Art has the power to heal spiritual, emotional, and physical brokenness."

Honky, by Yale sociologist Dalton Conley, is a memoir of growing up during the 1970s and 1980s in the projects of New York's Lower East Side.

To be a woman of faith in the midst of the city, I was forced to develop a contemplative stance. I am naturally pulled toward God in the midst of nature.

Edward J. Farrell 1-01-2000

To be a contemplative has traditionally meant leaving the city for a quiet life of prayer.

I do not view myself as a contemplative. I’d say that I am a "seeker" of God. This seeking has been a lifelong process.

Joe Nangle 3-01-1999

The final column of a six-year run gives the author permission to write in the first person, wouldn't you say?

Karen Lattea 7-01-1995

When I tell people I live in Washington, D.C., a common reply is, "I'm sorry to hear that."