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Drew Clark: Deeply felt religious faith, of any sort, is fundamental to American life

If you ask a random person on the street what the First Amendment is all about, he or she is likely to say something about freedom of speech. These freedoms are part of our core national political beliefs.

Yet the very first words of the amendment address something that frequently seems beyond the core of political life: The state's attitude toward religion.

Jim Wallis Talks the World Economic Forum from Davos, Switzerland

Listen as Jim Wallis talks to Sojourners CEO Rob Wilson-Black about giving the send-off speech on values at the World Economic Forum, where the pair brushed shoulders with some of the most prominent business minds. Here's a brief look at what Jim was trying to do with his talk:

"The pope reminded us about the excluded. This gathering is the most included gathering in the world. You are the most included people in the global economy. How will the most included reach out to the most excluded and bring them in to the global economy? That's what I want [World Economic Forum attendees] to ask themselves."