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Omar Sacirbey 4-26-2012
Religion News Service photo by Li-Hua Lan/The Post- Standard in Syracuse, N.Y.

as Singh of New York City, left, and Gurbakht Singh Gulati of Toronto, right, attend worship. Li-Hua Lan/The Post- Standard

Sikh civil rights activists will unveil a mobile phone application next week (April 30) that they say will allow travelers who believe they have been profiled by airport screeners to file complaints directly from their cell phones.

The New York-based Sikh Coalition launched the app project after a steady increase of complaints about unfair treatment at U.S. airports. Sikh men do not cut their hair as an article of faith, and their turbans have been met with suspicion by some Transportation Security Administration personnel.

The group emphasized that that the “FlyRights” app is meant to help Sikhs and other religious and racial minorities who have been subject to profiling, such as Muslims, South Asians, Arabs, blacks, and Latinos.