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6 Ways to Avoid Unintentional Anti-Judaism

We received several letters to the editor critiquing Brian McLaren’s portrayal of the Pharisees in “Beyond Fire and Brimstone” (Sojourners, February 2014). We’ve found informative these adapted suggestions from Dr. William F. Brosend II—a professor of homiletics at Sewanee School of Theology—to help avoid unintentional anti-Judaism in the writing, preaching, and teaching of the gospel.

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Letters to the Editor: Friday, April 27, 2012

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In response to Jim Wallis' post, "Having the Sisters' Back" :

Thank you so much for bringing this issue to the attention of your readers. I am a Catholic woman and mother of three. My husband is a Methodist and we have raised our children in the two traditions we hold dear. I have become a recent friend to a sister who is very concerned with what is happening. We have recently begun to work on social justice issues in our parish. We are small, but I believe, with the help of the Spirit, we will one day be mighty....