Jim Wallis 5-28-2008

The genocidal situation in Darfur continues to worsen, with more killings and increased attacks on peacekeepers.  All the efforts to date by the U.N., the U.S., and other governments have failed to stop the atrocities. 

In this morning's New York Times, the Save Darfur coalition ran an ad with the message: "We stand united and demand that the genocide and violence in Darfur [...]

Kim Szeto 7-01-2007

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and Google Earth recently launched the Genocide Prevention Mapping Initiative, starting with a focus on the genocide in Darfur.

James Ferguson 7-01-2006

A refugee camp popped up last April on the sports field of Lennox Middle School, right next to Los Angeles International Airport.

Janet L. Parker 4-01-2006
What the church must learn from Rwanda.
Elizabeth Palmberg 9-01-2004

Even as atrocities in western Sudan have drawn the world's focus in recent months, there are signs of hope elsewhere in the nation, which has been ravaged by civil war for three or four decades.

Elizabeth Palmberg 8-01-2004
What part of 'never again' do we not understand?
Jim Wallis 11-01-1999

A clear moral test

Lucy Fuchs 11-01-1998
Letters and loans help survivors of genocide rebuild their lives.