Ryan Beiler: Your Comments, and Biden on The Daily Show

I knew I was asking for it by writing a post about choosing one's words carefully. One reader hit the nail mostly on the head, while making a general appeal for fairness:

Well isn't the key whether it is the kind of comment one might make about a white contender? But there is the additional factor that words might sound different depending upon the stereotypes surrounding [...]

Adam Taylor: 'The Poor Will Always Be Among You...' Except in Your Political Priorities?

After all of the pundits and commentators were done picking apart President Bush's State of the Union address, one glaring point had still not been made. In 49 minutes, President Bush barely uttered the words "poverty" or "the poor." It's as though our president has taken Jesus' words in Matthew ("the poor you will always have with you") to justify making scant mention of their crushing needs in what is arguably the most important political speech of the year. How did this omission sound to the [...]