Carrie Adams 5-08-2012

Mother's WeekReminder: Mother’s Day is this Sunday. 

Gift giving can be hard. It’s understandable that you’re putting it off. You’re sure flowers are too cliché but don’t have a clue what to buy. Maybe some brilliant idea will come to you while you’re playing World of Warcraft or while waiting for the pizza guy at 2 am. Right? You still have a few days, but let me tell you, you will wait too long. You will have nothing good for your mommy. Panic will set in. And you’ll go to the Internet in a tizzy of fear. Buy whatever you want, but just stay away from these 10 Terrible Gifts to Buy Your Mom for Mother’s Day. Stay away, and you’ll be fine.
This list brought to you by SkyMall, where good gift ideas go to die.
Jack Palmer 2-14-2012
Saint Valentine of Terni and his disciples. Via

Saint Valentine of Terni and his disciples. France, Paris, 14th century via Wiki Commons,

Chances are you feel one of two ways about Valentine’s Day — you either love it, or your loathe it. For you, it’s either the time to shower that special someone with extravagant gestures or it’s a hyper-commercial day that doesn’t mean anything because you should show someone how much you love them every day.

Sound familiar?

If so, why don’t we agree to put the debate aside for a moment and get to know a little better the man who’s name to see on cards and teddy bears and chocolates but once a year: Interesting-Things-You-Probably-Didn't-Know-About-St. Valentine.

Find out what they are inside the blog...