Michael Sherrard 12-14-2007

A few months ago, we asked Sojourners' supporters to send messages to Burger King, asking them to join McDonald's and Taco Bell in increasing the sub-poverty wages of Florida tomato pickers. Almost 20,000 people responded, but Burger King's behavior has only gotten worse. Not only have they [...]

Tim Kumfer 12-03-2007

In college, I took a cultural exchange trip (read: vacation) to Rome over spring break. Just around the corner from St. Peter's Square, I bought my father, a minister, a crucifix for his office.

Earlier this week, I saw that same souvenir in a report from The National Labor Committee on crucifixes made in Chinese sweatshops.

The report, titled

Ryan Rodrick Beiler 11-02-2007

One more reason to take up dumpster diving: I've been finding lots of bananas lately, many of them from Chiquita, and many of them from Colombia. I've been aware of Chiquita's entanglements with right-wing paramilitaries, but at least I can eat the fruit with a clean conscience since none of my dollars [...]

Bart Preecs 9-01-2007
In the discussions of
Corporate fixes lead to corporate control.
Danny Duncan Collum 12-01-2005
Can democracy survive without an adversarial press?

Local residents of Kerala, India, are winning a battle against Coca-Cola India for clean ground water and soil, after months of collaboration with a BBC investigative reporter.

Corporate dominance of world affairs seems almost god-like.

David Batstone 3-01-2003

"Think about how much of our lives we spend at work," the executive of a New York publishing house said wistfully to me.

Last year corporations took it on the chin when it came to financial scandal.

Western Pennsylvania's Citizens Budget Campaign met last spring with the Pittsburgh City Council to discuss the impact of the 2003 federal budget on their city.

Tom Sine 11-01-2002

David Batstone decries political and theological imagination in "Utopia: No Garden of Eden" (July-August 2002).

David Batstone 11-01-2002

'Lean and mean' is the shapely figure to which companies are called to conform these days. It's worrisome that the mantra implies a clever business strategy.

Jim Wallis 9-01-2002

‘ Hear this, you that trample on the poor and take from them their jobs and retirement funds.

His image is used to promote cement companies and bakeries, and to sell music CDs, videotapes, T-shirts, hats, mugs, and potato chips.

While it’s sometimes hard for corporate giants to do the right thing, networking powerhouse Cisco Systems is taking the lead in good times and in bad.

Aventis CropScience. Put genetically altered and EPA unapproved "Star Link" corn in Taco Bell brand taco shells; at least 44 people became ill.

Danny Duncan Collum 11-01-2000

In the 19th century, with much sweat and blood, immigrant labor gangs pushed a railroad across the newly continental United States.

Chris Byrd 7-01-2000
Jim Hightower skewers 'corporatocracy.'