George Mitrovich 04-02-2010
As a Christian, I have a high level of sensitivity toward Jews, of a never-ending sense to be protective of their religion
Jarrod McKenna 12-17-2009
What if? What if Obama's speech had not simply referenced Gandhi and King but followed them in following the way of Jesus?
Ed Spivey Jr. 01-01-2008
Our private contractors have sacrificed enough in Iraq.
Rose Marie Berger 07-01-2001

Is rape a war crime, or 'collateral damage'?

Rose Marie Berger 01-01-2001

Prior to the October 2000 ouster of Yugoslavia's Slobodan Milosevic, the United States pumped $77 million into the fragile opposition movement

David Cortright 09-01-1999
The price of a Marshall Plan for the Balkans would be less than the costs of indefinite military occupation.
Andrew Schleicher 07-01-1999
E-mail glimpses of the Balkan war.
Gerald Shenk 05-01-1999
The crisis in Kosovo