Our common life faces many challenges in this time of great division, polarization,and partisanship. In what feels like a Kairos moment, as democracy is threatened nationally and globally, churches are uniquely positioned to bridge many of our divides and serve as a vehicle for renewal and transformation.

Healthy places of worship build the resiliency needed to overcome division and reweave our social fabric. At this time of great division, churches are in even greater need of hope, connection, and vision for personal and systemic transformation, as well as opportunities to put faith in action. By equipping pastors and lay leaders with resources to better live out a call to public discipleship, the Faith & Justice Church Network seeks to strengthen a movement to transform our world.

Sojourners is committed to equipping a new generation of innovative faith leaders and organizers empowered to meet the unique needs of this time. The Faith & Justice Church Network builds connections between churches across the nation and exists to resource, activate, convene, and develop local church leaders with a focus on four key areas:

  • Thriving Churches: Key to our commitment to spiritual renewal and engagement in social justice, the Network seeks to build “thriving churches” equipped to build beloved community. The Network provides a theological foundation for the work of social justice and resources to sustain and strengthen social justice ministries amid the many demands of this time.
  • Civil Dialogue: Pastor leading politically divided churches face many unique challenges in their ministry. The Network equips congregations to engage in constructive dialogue on social and political issues through resources and training that builds community resiliency.
  • Civic Engagement: Fair elections are critical to democracy—and churches are critical in efforts to protect our electoral process. The Network offers programming that equips congregations to engage in comprehensive civic empowerment through nonpartisan voter engagement, registration, education, protection, and mobilization.
  • Faithful Advocacy: Systemic change and transformation requires greater and more effective engagement in political advocacy. The Network provides tools and strategies for congregational leaders to harness their influence and create lasting change.

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