Simran Jeet Singh 12-02-2019

The Rev. Dr. Amy Butler is one of the most prominent pastors in modern America. She recently served as Senior Minister for the historic Riverside Church in New York City — the first woman to ever hold that position. Butler has dedicated much of her time and attention to smashing the patriarchy within the church — what many describe as shattering the glass ceiling.

Rose Marie Berger 11-30-2019

Two years after the Vatican State signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (currently ratified by 34 countries), he declared during an in-flight press briefing from Japan to Rome, “Not only their use, but also possessing them: because an accident or the madness of some government leader, one person’s madness can destroy humanity.”

the Web Editors 11-29-2019

Latino evangelical Trumpers, debating health care, Baby Yoda, and more.

the Web Editors 11-27-2019

Sojourners President Jim Wallis sat down on Morning Joe for Wednesday's show to talk about evangelicals' continued support for President Donald Trump and what it means for Christian witness. 

The facts in the impeachment case against President Donald Trump are compelling and beyond dispute. But for many, the facts simply do not matter. Republicans are trying to defend the indefensible. For many who watch Fox News, however, a defense is hardly necessary. For them, “fake news” is being propelled by a Democratic witch hunt.

Rishika Pardikar 11-27-2019

In 1981, three years after Iran’s Islamic Revolution, women were banned from entering soccer stadiums in the country.

On October 10, 2019, after 40 years of protest, women in Iran were finally allowed to buy tickets and attend a soccer match. Iran was playing against Cambodia in Azadi Stadium.

Fran Quigley 11-27-2019

Some pointers for debating health care across party lines. 

Jim Wallis 11-27-2019

What does reconnecting with Jesus mean as we go into the world? How do we see him, recognize him, and follow him? Does reconnecting with Jesus mean reclaiming a way of life or style of life that we can look for?

Jessica Kantrowitz 11-27-2019

Though the inaugural Madeline L’Engle conference felt like a safe haven as we gathered in the cozy glow of art, and fellowship, we were all still very aware of a similar sense of imminent evil in our country and the world at large. We are no longer in the Cold War, but the uncertainty of the impeachment hearings, of uncontrollable wildfires at home and abroad, of the refugee crisis and the hardening of hearts at the borders hang over us daily. Just as is often asked these days about Fred Rogers, we at the conference found ourselves murmuring, “What would Madeleine L’Engle think? What would she do?”

Kenji Kuramitsu 11-27-2019

Bong-Joon-ho’s film is about what happens to those living below sea level when the rain comes.